The Korea Herald to hold space forum on Oct. 11

직업 2023-11-30 16:10:36 3

The Korea Herald, South Korea's biggest English newspaper, will hold its annual business forum on Oct. 11 to discuss the rising space sector’s present and future by bringing together the country's space leaders and experts.

The Humanity In Tech or HIT Forum will feature two keynote speakers -- Sasha Sagan, acclaimed author and daughter of the legendary US astronomer Carl Sagan, and Dr. Yi So-yeon, Korea’s one and only astronaut.

Visiting Seoul for the first time, Sagan will talk about the idea of ambiguity in the universe and living with the unknowns in different aspects of our lives.

Sagan and Yi also will sit down for a panel discussion to talk about space from both a philosophical and practical perspective, and speak about the responsibilities of humanity when exploring space.

The afternoon session will feature four speakers representing diverse fields of policy, industry, startups and art: Lee Joon, executive director of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute's strategy and planning directorate; Lee Jun-won, senior vice president at Hanwha Aerospace; Jung Hun, chief technology officer of space tech startup Innospace; and Bae Myung-hoon, best-selling science fiction author.




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