[New on scene] Hong Xa

부모와 아이 2023-11-30 16:34:17 7

In rookie director Kim Chang-hoon’s feature debut film “Hopeless” which opened in theaters last week, Hong Xa-bin plays Yeon-kyu, an 18-year-old high school student who lives with an abusive stepfather and an enervated mother. He is even asked to leave the Chinese restaurant where he works part time. Then, he meets Chi-gun (Song Joong-ki), the right-hand man of a gang boss, who seems to be a haven for Yeon-kyu.

Before "Hopeless," which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival in May, Kim had only appeared in a number of indie films and a drama series. The noir film is the 26-year-old's feature film debut, as well as his first-ever lead role in a commercial film.

“Of course, there was pressure. Everything was new to me. But when I think about it, Yeon-kyu may have felt that too," Hong told The Korea Herald in an interview in Seoul on Sept. 26.

"Although my situation is not as extremely merciless as that of Yeon-kyu, I could easily understand his mind and situation. So it was easy for me to be Yeon-kyu.”




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